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Printmaking & Arts in Health

Double Elephant has worked in the Arts and Health sector for over 12 years.

Printmaking is a medium that particularly lends itself to building confidence in art making. There is safety in the process which allows for unexpected outcomes and effects. Printmaking also bridges the gap between art and craft making which provides several benefits that unstructured art does not:

  • clear parameters and boundaries
  • comfortable safety in repetition – using a process that others have done before (throughout history)
  • focussing on the process – allowing the participant to engage without having to expose motivation/ ideas/ personal pathology
  • production of multiples – therefore ability to experiment and repeat with subtle differences gradually developing a print

Our Print on Prescription scheme enables mental health service users to access affordable printmaking on a regular basis. To find out more or to make a referral please contact us on

See a film about our long-running Print on Prescription scheme for adult mental health service users produced in April 2013.

Print on Prescription from Workshops n’ Docs on Vimeo.

We also take our mobile print workshop into hospitals, GP surgeries and other health settings. If you would like to discuss how Double Elephant could work with your organisation, contact our Outreach Coordinator on Prices vary depending on the processes and numbers of participants.

See the video below featuring our work with older people at Franklyn Hospital, Exeter.

Create Connections

Create Connections is a consortium of Exeter’s creative organisations supporting people with health issues in self-managed, sustainable recovery. Double Elephant is a founder member of Create Connections, which offers an innovative model of community provision that will fill the growing gap in health and social care. Participants will co-produce their own sustained recovery with voluntary and statutory partners.

Read about ‘Creative Steps’ at

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