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Sunflower Recovery Project

The Sunflower Recovery Project is a collaboration between Trevi House, a rehabilitation programme for women with drug and alcohol dependency issues together with their children, and Longreach House, which provides an all-female environment for women who struggle with substance misuse. The initiative has emerged in aid of their work to support and empower women in Plymouth, and aims to make the service available to all women from across the UK.

Double Elephant’s outreach work with the project aimed to support its hope that by fostering creative skills, a social enterprise can be developed to build self-confidence, self-esteem and employment opportunities for these women. Working with Nancy Pederson, Double Elephant and Fiona Lovell delivered print workshops to introduce a group of women to different forms of printmaking. One of those involved was inspired by her participation to return to a creative career, and has subsequently applied for a grant to develop a screenprinting enterprise.

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