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Just Ask

Starting in the spring of 2016, Double Elephant’s Simon Ripley and associate artist, Joshua Gaunt, were commissioned to collaborate on Torbay’s “Just Ask” campaign, which seeks to tackle the stigma around male depression and suicide.

Together they created a short film using printed images and animation, to illustrate interviews with local men about their experiences of mental health and suicide. Working closely with communities in Torbay to interpret their individual stories, the project aimed to assist support groups and create an environment in which the men participating felt they could discuss these issues openly. In addition to employing the artistic lens to raise awareness for male mental health, the campaign also aims to emphasise the importance of creativity for emotional wellbeing.

The project also produced a set of wood-cut print beer mats with the text, “Just Ask”; “Prevent Suicide”, which were designed by the artists and participants to promote the campaign and its message to others.

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