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Gifted & Talented Residential

3 days each year
Funded by students, Devon County Council, Beaford Arts

For several years Double Elephant Print Workshop has been running three-day residential courses at The Beaford Academy (TBA) for secondary school pupils from all over the south-west as part of the Gifted and Talented Secondary Residential Programme.

The Beaford spirit is one of adventure and risk-taking alongside learning, which is the ideal context for Double Elephant to work with students to create exploratory multi-media prints to an exceptionally high standard.

Using the rare experience of working with students over a full three days, Double Elephant plans a residency with the TBA team that not only teaches the students several printmaking processes, but allows them to experiment and understand the place of printmaking within the context of contemporary art.

“What never fails to impress me about Double Elephant is their extraordinarily professional and well-managed approach …together with impressive experience and skilful knowledge of a wide range of printmaking techniques and their potential for exploration and meeting appropriate challenge levels. The nature of working with G&T students requires the highest levels of trust and willingness to take risks from all involved, which DEPW have in shedloads!! We LOVE working with you!”

Sara Dudman, Beaford Tutor and Devon County Council Advisor for Art

“Students could experiment by combining media and by breaking the ‘rules’. As an experience for G&T students it was perfect – combining new ideas and methods with the chance to see and handle top quality prints by a wide range of artists.”

Double Elephant printmaker Simon Ripley

“Beaford was the first time I’d done monoprint, monotype, collagraph and lino (properly). I enjoyed the printmaking 
primarily because it’s just so so different in every way to the things you do in art at school. I also really enjoyed the different way of thinking and formulating ideas – what may produce a successful painting would not result in a successful print.”


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