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Franklyn House Community Hospital

Double Elephant has worked closely with the Franklyn House Community Hospital in Exeter over the past few years, providing printmaking workshops for patients with dementia and mental health needs over the course of artist residencies. Whilst those taking part may often arrive in nervous or uncertain states, the process of printmaking provides a common experience and quickly encourages group participation.

One such project, run by Simon Ripley, was themed around healthy eating and incorporated fruit and vegetables directly into the art of printmaking. In this fun interpretation of printing, an array of healthy foods acted as stamps for the participants to apply their designs onto posters, complete with suitable slogans.

Working alongside Karon Waterlow, Liz Oxburgh and Pat Edwards-Jackson, Simon’s third and most recent residency at the hospital took inspiration from nursery rhymes, poems and songs which reference food. Participants reminisced together about these as a starting point for basic illustrations of various fruits and foods, before they were translated into simple motifs which could be cut from foam and card to be printed onto foamex. This formed the basis of images which were finished by painting and colouring in. The resulting artworks were displayed in the dining area at Franklyn House, but more important were the relations, memories and emotions triggered throughout the process.

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