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Contemporary Artist Bursary Programmes - Regional and National

During 2013 Double Elephant CIC initiated and led a series of contemporary artist bursary programmes. For the initial stage of the project 8 contemporary artists were selected from our local area. Due to the success of this first stage we were able to widen the scheme to support artists nationally, selecting a further four artists to take part. None of the artists involved in the bursary programme were printmakers and specialised in a range of disciplines including: 3D, site-specific installation, music, art action & performance.

The aims were two-fold. To see how offering the chance to mid-career artists to explore printmaking over a period of time could develop and enhance their practice. And, through seeing alternative approaches and traditional processes challenged by the participating artists, further understand the nature of printmaking.

The artists involved were:

Carol Harvey:
Tamsin Pender:
Janet Sainsbury:
Anouk Mercier:
David Finn Buckley:
Maddy Pethick:
Malina Busch:
Kirsty Lowry:
Leah Edwards
Nicci Wonnacott
Milica Lewis
Nancy Clemance

Quotes from the Artists

Exploring print has had a profound influence on my practice…Being in the studio and working alongside other artists during the programme was very inspiring. Since the programme ended I have become a member of Double Elephant. I want to continue learning and exploring new ways of working with print and incorporating it into my practice.

Janet Sainsbury (Regional Artist Programme)

I am interested in the relationship between image and object and so I was keen to use a process which incorporated elements of sculpture despite working in two dimensions. I am very keen to develop the work which I made at Double Elephant and was happy with what I achieved there. I will continue to explore the medium and hope to continue to draw out the relationship between the processes involved and my own work.

David Finn Buckley (National Artist Programme)

Printmaking has proven to be the missing jigsaw in my practice, and having the time and professional support to incorporate it meaningfully into my work has been extremely valuable.

Nancy Clemance (Regional Artist Programme)

It was a really incredible opportunity and I think that it will certainly have an impact on my future practice.

Malina Busch (National Artist Programme)

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