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Paying Artists Policy

Double Elephant Print Workshop values the traditional disciplines of printmaking and embraces the challenge of exploring printmaking’s evolving position within contemporary fine art practice. We embrace diversity in artistic expression and encourage artists to see the potential of the medium to move beyond established printmaking boundaries.

We are a not for private profit Community Interest Company and do not receive any regular public funding. Our income comes from a range of trading activities such as courses and workshops. We also bid for grants from both public funds and private trusts to enable us to offer learning opportunities in education, health and community settings.

Double Elephant Print Workshop is an artist-led organisation which works to share the role and processes of artists with our stakeholders, through learning, events and social media. We have an ambitious and growing talent escalation programme working with emerging and established local and regional artists. We are committed to diversity and valuing artists whatever their background, gender, sexuality, education or faith.

As with all artist led initiatives, Double Elephant has benefitted from the dedication and many unpaid hours of those involved in the venture over the years. This entrepreneurial spirit, which characterises the work of many artists, continues to underpin the successful organisation DEPW is today, and we are grateful for the ongoing support of the many volunteers who hold positions of responsibility in the organisation. As we work towards even greater sustainability in future, our goal is to be clear about the expectations artists can have when engaging with Double Elephant.

Working with Artists

We employ artists in a number of ways. This includes as tutors on courses or outreach projects; as project producers or managers; to provide editioning and technical services; and we commission artists to make work for us.

For this work, we make it a priority to pay artists fairly. We agree with each artist appropriate payment for their work with us and strive to match or exceed industry standards.

All artist relationships are confirmed in a written contract, setting out mutual responsibilities and expectations.

We are open to partnership working with artists who have raised their own funding but would not expect an artist to raise funds as a condition of participation in a project we devised.

Members of the Workshop

Experienced and emerging artists are welcome to join Double Elephant as members in order to use our professional facilities, benefit from technical support, access reasonably-priced materials and benefit from being part of a thriving artist community.

We subsidise Membership Fees via our other income generating activities. Our aim is keep Members’ Fees at the lowest possible levels to enable as many people as possible to afford to join.

We mount exhibitions to bring the work of our members to a wider audience. This gives our members an opportunity to learn about exhibiting, as a step to applying to other national exhibitions and as an opportunity for sales and professional development. Where members wish to take part in these exhibitions, we usually ask for a contribution to administration costs and/or take a commission. Costs are kept to a minimum since these exhibitions are generally organised by volunteers, however some expenses are incurred such as travel expenses, venue hire, private view refreshments, postage. We ensure the costs are reasonable and reflective of the actual expense involved. Any small surpluses that might be made go towards DEPW overheads.

Double Elephant Print Workshop supports the Paying Artists Campaign :
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