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We work closely with individual artists to edition their prints. Plates for a print are made by the artist or in collaboration with the workshop. We will then print a series of 10, 25, 50 or more to the highest standard. This is a growing area of work and one that demands a rare and exacting expertise.

Prices vary depending upon the nature of the job, the size of the edition and the type of print process. We can edition etchings, collographs, relief prints and screen prints. We have a large range of examples of work already completed.

We are also very keen to work in collaboration with artists of all disciplines to create a print project from scratch – we can advise on the appropriate process and work jointly on plates, printing and editioning. For more information on all our services, please get in touch.

In addition Lynn Bailey is a qualified print conservator.

For information on editioning or the conservation of prints, please contact Lynn.

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